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Management Institute
Dr Schäfer & Partner

Consulting, Training, Coaching

Founded in 1991

Dr. Burkhard Schäfer
Dr. Harald Schäfer

Advisory board
Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig

Division Consulting
Michael Mösch
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-410

Division Training
Dipl.-Hdl. Dirk Flessing
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-420

Division Coaching

MIDS - Description of way


"I attended one of the day seminars in your institute. Together with the certificate, I received the request for feedback, which I am happy to give to you: This seminar day, working in an atmosphere where I was able to take everything in, was a big enrichment, professionally as well as humanly. The trainer appeared to be a easy to work with and absolutely competent specialist. Not to mention his ability to connect with and teach longstanding employees and novices together. There was something for everyone to take home: For me a great memory even."
Martin Dobermann

"Thank you very much for your immensely helpful counsel! I am very excited about the quality of the results. My suppliers and clients now notice and praise the fast logistics."
Egon Hoffmann

"I am very pleased with your coaching for me. Thank you again for your competent, extra occupational support. All the best for you and your company."
Bettina Allink

"Amazing work. Thank you for the fair last weekend together with you. It was great fun, the team was excellent and I am sure that good results will show in a few months time.


I think that we will talk things over and work together again. To a good and successful collaboration."
Klaus Köhler

"Again thanks for that interesting seminar. Besides enjoying the professional content, it was very enriching to meet people from all kinds of different branches and to exchange experiences.
Not to forget, that I only knew about your institute from the website and was very impressed and delighted by the client-centered focus of the meeting. I am definitely going to further recommend your institute!"
Horst-Nico Bauer

"Aside from the professional competence, the leader of the seminar also shone in adroitly working with the participants. The service was excellent and the seminar atmosphere very friendly.
Thank you very much for your commitment."
Sven Gresky