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Management Institute
Dr Schäfer & Partner

Consulting, Training, Coaching

Founded in 1991

Dr. Burkhard Schäfer
Dr. Harald Schäfer

Advisory board
Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig

Division Consulting
Michael Mösch
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-410

Division Training
Dipl.-Hdl. Dirk Flessing
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-420

Division Coaching

MIDS - Description of way


Coaching is solution and goal-oriented guidance for people. It is primarily for those in a job environment, used to support self-reflection, the self-steered improvement of one's perception, experience and behavior. We as coaches assist the client to implement goals


and requests as well as helping find solutions to problems. The goal of coaching in the career context especially is the improvement of the learning- and performance abilities in consideration of the resources of the client, particularly of leaders.