At a glance

Management Institute
Dr Schäfer & Partner

Consulting, Training, Coaching

Founded in 1991

Dr. Burkhard Schäfer
Dr. Harald Schäfer

Advisory board
Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig

Division Consulting
Michael Mösch
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-410

Division Training
Dipl.-Hdl. Dirk Flessing
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-420

Division Coaching

MIDS - Description of way


"The Management Institute Dr Schäfer & Partner stands for more than just continuing education.
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"The speakers of the Management Institute Dr Schäfter & Partner, founded in 1991 provide tools for leaders [...].
The people that participated so far did not just show that success with the MIDS-Certificate they
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"Seminars, Training, Coaching: That is what the brand MIDS stands for, a well-known Seminar Institute in Germany. With help of empowering exercises, the passive are unmasked and encouraged to achieve objectives."
(Die Woche)


"Experienced and studied managers working as seminar trainers are always a welcomed opportunity for companies. The advantage for seminar participants: They learn sound theory and are able to practice authentically. The academy Dr Schäfer & Partner give simple but effective tips [...]. For 'MIDS-protégés', success in their job is almost certain."

"The seminar trainers, who are highly demanded and also well known through their various publications, talk about the secret of their success: The particular client and his employees are at the center of the seminar- and training concepts [...]."