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Management Institute
Dr Schäfer & Partner

Consulting, Training, Coaching

Founded in 1991

Dr. Burkhard Schäfer
Dr. Harald Schäfer

Advisory board
Prof. Dr. Willy Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig

Division Consulting
Michael Mösch
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-410

Division Training
Dipl.-Hdl. Dirk Flessing
Tel. 0621/ 833 23-420

Division Coaching

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Management Institute Dr Schäfer & Partner

Management Institute Dr Schäfer & Partner
Waldparkstr. 30
68163 Mannheim (Germany)

Dr Burkhard Schäfer
Waldparkstr. 30
68163 Mannheim (Germany)
Tel.: +49 / 621 / 833 23 - 400
Fax: +49 / 621 / 833 23 - 490

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